FrSrs. It happened.

by tartdarling

My Random Work Story of the Day: (WARNING: May contain lolspeak!)

Us, to Vendor: We want to order Noms for our customer
Vendor: okay. We don’t ship Noms, you has to pick up.
Us: ok.

Us, to carrier: We need noms picked up!
Carrier: ok. Driver, go pick up noms!
Driver: Noms picked up.

Days later:
Driver, to carrier: Ok, Noms delivered!
Carrier: /yay.
Carrier, to us:Noms is delivered.
Us: /yay!

Two Days Later:
Us, to customer: So how did those noms Work Out for you?
Customer: What noms?
Us: You know, the ones that delivered yesterday?
Customer: We haven’t recieved those noms yet.
Us: *blink* Are you sure? Are carrier confirmed they delivered.
Customer: Fr Srs. Not here. Let us know when they will be here. kthnxbai.

Us, to carrier: wtf? Customer no has noms! where are noms?!
Carrier: Err. Driver said he delivered noms. *Calls Driver* Driver, where are noms?!
Driver: roffle. All your Noms are belong to me!!! I is holding your noms ransom because I no likey you Carrier!
Carrier: WTF?
Us: /facepalm
Driver: Give me moneys ‘n stuff and I give you noms!
Us: /headdesk
Carrier: Um, we need to get noms delivered. How about we send new driver to pick up noms, then we work out moneys ‘n stuff? Just tell us where you are.
Driver: m’kay.

Later that Day:
New driver arrives at location to pick up trailer. Driver A tosses over keys, Driver B pulls away. As soon as Driver B pulls away, cops arrive. Driver A is arrested. Silly, silly truck drivers.

Thank you for teh lawls Mr. Driver

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