I am still alive, I swears

by tart

Hello again lovelies!

I hope you all didn’t miss me to terribly much. I figured I would bring everyone up to date with the happenings on my various toons, since so much has changed on most of them recently.

Tart the Priest:

I'm in ur raids fillin ur green bars

Tart!Priest has found a new home on Moon Guard in Nocturne with Shayzani and Co. She’s been healing her way through ICC 10 PW:Bubble style (so you know, full of floor tanking and random oh shit guys what the fuck is going on here?! fun) and having a blast doing it, even if there are always stinky troll feet in the fish feasts.

Despite my feeling of ZOMG-I-don’t-really-know-anyone-other-than-Shayzani, I’ve discovered that I really like Moon Guard and Nocturne in particular. Everyone is terribly nice, and tolerates my “that’s what she said” jokes on vent with a “my she’s particularly loquacious tonight isn’t she?” if I fire off too many in a row.

Plus being on Moon Guard means that I get to occasionally sucker the wonderful, talented, amazing @Baenhoof to tank for me, and I can noob up her heroics! \o/

Next up: Baby!Shaman

ok, so it's an old picture. Sue me.

Baby!Shaman (aka Totemtart) is probably the most played of all of my alts right now.  She’s over on Zul’jin with Lodur, Krizhek and Daewin and has ninja’d her way into <Unpossible>. (gee… I wonder how THAT happened. >.> <.<) She is 66 now (and as Stop put it is not baby!shaman so much as Preteen!Shaman) and omg do I love her. I love the totems, and windfury, and wolves. OMG THE WOLVES. Seriously you guys, I cannot express how much I love my spirit wolves.

Third up! Tart the Pally!

muffin tabard forever <3

Sadly, I’ve not gotten much time on Tart!Pally as of late. Due to Mandatory OT fail at work, I am not in a position to make the BoO raids that I love and adore. That coupled with the fact that she has gotten pretty much all the upgrades she can from badges (well, not Frost badges, but damn I’m lazy in running multiple heroics a night for them!) means that I log on, toss up some auctions, say hi to everyone and run around aimlessly for a bit then bounce over to the shaman for more totem-y goodness.

Don’t worry my dear Paladin, I’ll be back soon. I do so love your epic smashing face-ness, and I’m eager to try out Bacon!Hax as soon as I can get a weapon and shield for your holy set. (Though I’ve been told healing shields are much like non-DPS off-hands and simply don’t exist)

Lastly we have Tiovia (formerly Tartdarling 2.0)

I still want my Bricu plushie

Oddly, I don’t have a good picture of Tiovia, so instead I offer up this Screenshot of her earning her first Gkick from Arrens for liking the GMotD too much. While I don’t get much time on Tiovia (as FM RP Nights are Tuesday and that is also Raid Night) the time I do get is well spent, attempting to jump into the FM RP with Takani and Fallah and poking at Lore and Bricu and Anna, as well as running the occasional random. Some day I will have time to fully flesh out her character as I’ve grown rather fond of her and her shy, quiet nature.

In addtion to all my alt-o-holic-ing, I’ve got a couple blog projects that I’m working on (one of which may or may not be a requested Tart-take on leveling a bubble priest… aka How to Fail in 80 Levels or Less!)  as well as my birthday coming up tomorrow, and another eagerly awaited trip to the other coast this weekend.  I will leave you all with this last screen shot. Enjoy!

Leopold is so adorable. And excitable.



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