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In case you don’t follow me on twitter, I started playing again. I’m still not playing as much, but I’m not ready to hang up the blogger hat just yet, so posts will be incoming! Plus twitter shennanigans are just TOO fun. (@arrens / @ilikebubbles search term war I’m lookin at you!)

Well, I did it.

In case you didn’t realize from the lack of posts here, I’ve not really been playing WoW much lately. My account was up today, and I didn’t renew it. I’ve spent almost 5 years playing this game, but I think I’m done. I don’t know if it’s forever or a semi-permanant deal. I don’t agree […]

In honor of the news…

In case you haven’t heard yet…. [youtube=] *A.N: MAAAAAN. I posted this last night and WP ate it :'(. oh well. LEFT SIDE MANY WHELPS!

oh, blizzard.

Thank you for sapping my will to play for a multitude of reasons. Here are my main reasons why I’m no longer excited for 3.2, or the new raid, or about your direction for priests. (my thoughts/comments in green, Blizzard Devs in blue of course) All Blizzard quotes can be found from the Q & […]