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Tie Breaker

So I am in Dire Need (as opposed to Dire Maul? :P) of help settling a debate between my GM Azalyn and myself. Currently Tart is wearing: Ceaseless Pity Neck 42 Stam 41 Int 43 Crit Rating 66 Spell Power 13 Mana per 5 All around a good solid piece for Disc Priests. However, I […]

Happy Birthday!

Hey all, Today is Amber at ILikeBubbles’ Birthday! So drop by and wish her happy birthday!!

Raiding Recap (or Tart Feels Loved)

Good News Everyone! I’m back! Family issues aside, I should be updating regularly again. So after last week’s amazing Raiding (Full Naxx clear in just over 4 hours and 1 shot Maly) everyone headed into this weeks schedule full of energy. As I was contemplating how to heal Naxx while making homemade enchiladas for dinner, […]

Lack of New Posts

Hi Everyone, Please excuse the lack of posts lately. My husband’s Aunt had a heart attack on 3/10, and fell into a coma shortly after, so we’ve had an influx of guests, and coupled with work it has left little time for WoW at all let alone blogging. They have made the decision to take […]

Screen Shots are for win!

So, as my tummy is hating me so I’m at home sleeping, I decided that I would let everyone enjoy some random Screenshots while I finish rewriting the post that is saved on my computer at work :D Real Content to resume later today or tomorrow if I fall asleep again. ;)

VoA – Mini Raid Guide

In keeping with my mini raid guides, I decided to veer off the Naxx train and do VoA. As, I hope everyone knows Vault of Whatever-his-name-is is in Wintergrasp and can be fought when Horde your faction controls Wintergrasp. This is an easy fight and a good way to [hopefully] pick up a couple pieces […]

Six Word WoW Stories

Ok, so I’m a little late jumping on this train (damn you family events taking mass amounts of time! Damn you I say!!) I no jump, can has levitate? Hey Other Priest. Frost Blasts HURT. Champion of the Frozen Wastes. Finally! Missing people for raid. No Sarth3D. [Heroic: Less Is More] uh, yay? What to […]

Since the first phase of KT is dull

Ahh Raid Chat. How I love thee. In the downtime during phase one of Kel, here were some of our funnier raid shenanigans: After one of our players randomly AFK’d after a wipe to use the restroom Someone cheering us on and the macro’d images people had after that: Because no raid is complete without […]

Mini-Raid Guide, part the first!

So, I was trying to tell one of my friends a funny that happened in raid last night on four horseman, and realized that other than the phrase “and then Rippa yelled ‘I want Tart in the back’” being a ‘that’s what she said’ in general she wouldn’t have any idea of what the heck […]

Off-Nights and Loot Drama

So, since 25 man Maly seems to be the bane of existance right now (8%?! Come ON!) we decided to switch our raid rotation up last night to give us more time to work on him. And my that seemed to be a mistake. Fights that we normally breezed through wiped us (as did trash […]