Tie Breaker

by tartdarling

So I am in Dire Need (as opposed to Dire Maul? :P) of help settling a debate between my GM Azalyn and myself.

Currently Tart is wearing:
Ceaseless Pity
42 Stam
41 Int
43 Crit Rating
66 Spell Power
13 Mana per 5

All around a good solid piece for Disc Priests. However, I have the Key to the Focus Iris quest for the 10 man version of Maly. The Quest Reward is:

Torque of the Red Dragonflight
42 Stam
43 Int
Yellow Socket
+5 SP socket bonus
30 Crit Rating
56 Spell Power
15 Mana Per 5

Tart is fairly good crit wise atm (she hovers around 27% unbuffed, 35-40% raid buffed depending if we have a crit chicken or not) So I’d really like to gem for Int, as my mana pool is a little smaller than I would like, due to wearing the Holy Tier 7.5 Helm and Shoulders rather than something that is Best In Slot for the set bonus, and higher mana returns from Rapture will be nice (especially once 3.1 comes out and DA will no longer give returns). Both items are ilvl 213 (the 25man Maly neck is ilvl226).

The debate? Az says the Torque is better “in every way” and recommended the +9SP +9 Int gem for it. I still kind of like my neck better, though the 16 Int from the gem would be nice, but I’m not sure it’s worth sacrificing 13 Crit and 5 SP for. So I seek the opinions of others.

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