Members Wanted!

by tartdarling

< Council of Shadows > seeks new members!

Do you:

  • Spam Raid Chat about your wanting Blessing of Wisdom instead of that “silly” Blessing of Kings (if healing)?
  • Spam Raid Chat begging for Focus Magic (if caster DPS)?
  • Spam Raid Chat demanding Fish Feasts because you were “too lazy to farm food buffs”?
  • Ask [almost] weekly if anyone has an extra flask because you forgot to buy one?
  • Call others stupid when a mistake is made?
  • Roll on every single item you have the ability to use even if it’s not an upgrade?
  • Talk badly about a guildie in /general when you and said guildie are farming in the same zone?
  • Tell everyone how amazing a healer/dpser you are and constantly post meters in Raid and Guild chat?
  • Talk about how much better you are at healing/dpsing because you “only push 2 buttons” to “top everyone”?
  • Drop from a guild Old School Raid Fun Night you committed to Mid-Raid to pug Sarth3D since you don’t know why “we’re taking so long to clear Sarth3D when it’s such an easy fight” and tell everyone to watch guild chat for the achievement within the next 30 min?**

then DO NOT APPLY. WE’RE SICK OF YOU! ALREADY FULL. Already in our guild? Then GTFOplz.


<3 your guild officers.

**2 hours later the pug gave up because they couldn’t even drop the first drake before the 2nd landed. much laughter was had amongst the officers.

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