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In which my insomnia pays off

YAY! Not being able to sleep sometimes has a purpose! I now present to you the long awaited Priest Class Changes complete with Tart comments! (DISCLAIMER: I am sleep deprived, holy priests please do not take offense. I love Fail Angels, I just am not one.) As one would expect, Tart!Comments are in pink. Because […]

Now with 100% more bubbles!

And about 50% less fail! A very, very, very, fantabulous, wonderific thing happened. I got my priestie’s gear back!!! Yes, Tartshapdbox of Darkspear-US is no longer sitting, unloved, in her (ghetto) PvP gear and fishing pole in Orgrimmar. Instead, she’s out and about in Northrend dungeons, playing Whack-A-Mole with the best of them. And ohman […]

The Impass

Hello again lovelies. You may have noticed that there is a lack of PW:Bubbling going on around here lately, and a considerable more amount of Fail!Ret-ing. No, I have not abandoned my priest, in fact I want to play her now more than ever. But sadly, she is still gearless. Well, gearless PvE wise. She’s […]