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Project: Space Goat

And now the moment that everyone has been waiting for! What is PROJECT SPACE GOAT? Well P:SG is my return to WoW. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things WoW wise. I decided to try something completely new. (Don’t worry I’ll still be […]

oh, blizzard.

Thank you for sapping my will to play for a multitude of reasons. Here are my main reasons why I’m no longer excited for 3.2, or the new raid, or about your direction for priests. (my thoughts/comments in green, Blizzard Devs in blue of course) All Blizzard quotes can be found from the Q & […]

Talents and Glyphs in 3.1

So, with 3.1 landing tomorrow (or today depending on your time zone!) I figured I would give a proposed build for Disc PvE with all of the changes, and a mini glyph guide :) Discipline – 56 points: Twin Disciplines (5/5) – Increases the damage and healing done by your instant spells by 5% – […]

Tie Breaker

So I am in Dire Need (as opposed to Dire Maul? :P) of help settling a debate between my GM Azalyn and myself. Currently Tart is wearing: Ceaseless Pity Neck 42 Stam 41 Int 43 Crit Rating 66 Spell Power 13 Mana per 5 All around a good solid piece for Disc Priests. However, I […]

VoA – Mini Raid Guide

In keeping with my mini raid guides, I decided to veer off the Naxx train and do VoA. As, I hope everyone knows Vault of Whatever-his-name-is is in Wintergrasp and can be fought when Horde your faction controls Wintergrasp. This is an easy fight and a good way to [hopefully] pick up a couple pieces […]

Off-Nights and Loot Drama

So, since 25 man Maly seems to be the bane of existance right now (8%?! Come ON!) we decided to switch our raid rotation up last night to give us more time to work on him. And my that seemed to be a mistake. Fights that we normally breezed through wiped us (as did trash […]