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Late Night Musings

Hai again internets, I have decided that I have WoW A.D.D. Either that or I have the most severe case of Altitis that I’ve seen. I decided since my beloved Priesty is on Darkspear now, that I would reroll a priest on Dunemaul to appease certain individuals (T – I’m looking at you!) so I […]

Back in my day…

Ever since Blizzard annouced The Great Mount Changes of ’09 the intertubes have gone crazy. There was rioting, people were injured… oh wait this is WoW not RL so I guess that should be people threatened to cancel subscriptions and the forums blew up. Apparently people were angered; I, however, was not one of them. […]

On farming, or my lack thereof

I have a confession to make. I HATE.HATE. Farming on a priest. Especially as a heal-y priest. It’s like Holy Fire, Smite, Smite, Smite, Smite, Smite, oh bai mana, wand, wand, wand… oh look. 1 mob is dead. >.< WTB the ability to kill multiple things at once plz. whew. I feel better now. Unfortunately […]

Go Go Downtime

So yesterdays extended, extended, extended, extended maintainence killed any hopes of playing that I had last night. Which really sucked as it was raid night, and we were hoping to power through as much of Ulduar as we could so that we could get a few more attempts at yoggy this week.  (side note: where […]


Hello again! Sorry for the lack of updates, but work and life have been rearing their ugly heads again. That and a little bit of the burnout have contributed to my backing off WoW for a little bit. But just to let everyone know that I am still alive, here I am! Let the updates […]

Dueg made me!

Alas, Holy Dueg tagged me for this meme, which in my state of sickness should give me a chance for fun! And now, a glimpse into the lives of my priestypoo and pally :) What is your name and where did it come from? Tartshapdbox: I am more commonly referred to as simply Tart, but […]