by tartdarling

Hello again!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but work and life have been rearing their ugly heads again. That and a little bit of the burnout have contributed to my backing off WoW for a little bit. But just to let everyone know that I am still alive, here I am! Let the updates begin!

Tart, the Priest:
– Still has only done 5 bosses in 10man Ulduar. I actually have not been back in Ulduar since the great ignoring incident. I figure if they don’t want to listen to a girl’s input then they can wipe. Repeatedly.

-Bought her Dual Spec! And because I am a selfish wench, she is specc’d PvE Disc and PvP Disc (Go Go Arenas!)

-The Arena Team has finally been kicked off. Im running 2’s with an Unholy DK. So far the team work is there, we’re not getting roflstomped like I thought we might, though our rating is really low at the moment since we’ve only had time for 20ish games. Though I suppose it really won’t matter if I decide to switch servers now that I think about it. Meh, there will always be PvP/Arenas and 800+ resil Disc Priests are fun :D

Tart the Pally,

-Is now 72, almost 73. She’s only almost done with Howling Fjord, and barely started in Borean Tundra.

– She has however successfully tanked: UK, Nexus, Kara!, Magister’s Terrace, Heroic Magisters Terrace, and semi-tanked ZA. :) Go Go having friends who are willing to raid random old shit! (and see why I’m hesitant to transfer le priest?!)

Things I have discovered:
– Dunemaul’s options for raiding guilds SUCK unless you are willing: to raid with total and utter douchbags, sacrifice any semblance of a life to raid 12hours a day, want to have no progression in Ulduar.

– Kara is fun if you haven’t been in there in months. Especially when you are running it semi-at level.

– Those blueberries in Kara that blow up when you kill them? Letting the dps DK randomly pull them and killing them all at once kills you if you aren’t 80. >.>

-ZA bosses will still wipe 80s that haven’t been in there.

-Farming old 10man raids? Fantastic Gold Maker.

Aaaannndd I think that’s about it. I’m heading to California this weekend, so no WoW for me. I should be updating here or on my personal blog (link coming once I finish getting the site how I like it!). Until then, remember, Bubble save lives, so love the bubbles.


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