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Talents and Glyphs in 3.1

So, with 3.1 landing tomorrow (or today depending on your time zone!) I figured I would give a proposed build for Disc PvE with all of the changes, and a mini glyph guide :) Discipline – 56 points: Twin Disciplines (5/5) – Increases the damage and healing done by your instant spells by 5% – […]

FrSrs. It happened.

My Random Work Story of the Day: (WARNING: May contain lolspeak!) Us, to Vendor: We want to order Noms for our customer Vendor: okay. We don’t ship Noms, you has to pick up. Us: ok. Us, to carrier: We need noms picked up! Carrier: ok. Driver, go pick up noms! Driver: Noms picked up. Days […]

Members Wanted!

< Council of Shadows > seeks new members! Do you: Spam Raid Chat about your wanting Blessing of Wisdom instead of that “silly” Blessing of Kings (if healing)? Spam Raid Chat begging for Focus Magic (if caster DPS)? Spam Raid Chat demanding Fish Feasts because you were “too lazy to farm food buffs”? Ask [almost] […]