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And meme GO!

So, the lovely Anea has brought to my attention, my extreme lack of posting lately. I’m sorry dear readers, I really do love you, I was just crit by the RL Monster and my WoW time became limited in addition to my blogging time becoming nonexistant. Things, however, have seemed to calm down, so I […]


I did pretty much nothing WoW-wise today. I logged in for a few minutes for some crafting, but my first of the guides is coming soon. RL hit tonight and I was out and about, so I figured everyone could enjoy a quick filler for tonight. oh. and @arrens: “dingly-danglies”. THAT IS ALL GOOD SIR. […]


And that was all I got done due to twitter shenanigans. #iblamesyrana. and arrens.


In case you don’t follow me on twitter, I started playing again. I’m still not playing as much, but I’m not ready to hang up the blogger hat just yet, so posts will be incoming! Plus twitter shennanigans are just TOO fun. (@arrens / @ilikebubbles search term war I’m lookin at you!)

Well, I did it.

In case you didn’t realize from the lack of posts here, I’ve not really been playing WoW much lately. My account was up today, and I didn’t renew it. I’ve spent almost 5 years playing this game, but I think I’m done. I don’t know if it’s forever or a semi-permanant deal. I don’t agree […]

State of the Tart (or the Weekend Recap)

So it’s been a weekend. 3 days of pretty much uninterrupted WoW time, so I figured I would be in need of an update. Tartshapdbox, the beloved priesty: Well my transfer to Darkspear is complete and I was welcomed with open arms to < NEED A DISPENSER HERE > by Holy Dueg and Co. I,  […]

Happy Birthday!

Hey all, Today is Amber at ILikeBubbles’ Birthday! So drop by and wish her happy birthday!!

Lack of New Posts

Hi Everyone, Please excuse the lack of posts lately. My husband’s Aunt had a heart attack on 3/10, and fell into a coma shortly after, so we’ve had an influx of guests, and coupled with work it has left little time for WoW at all let alone blogging. They have made the decision to take […]

Six Word WoW Stories

Ok, so I’m a little late jumping on this train (damn you family events taking mass amounts of time! Damn you I say!!) I no jump, can has levitate? Hey Other Priest. Frost Blasts HURT. Champion of the Frozen Wastes. Finally! Missing people for raid. No Sarth3D. [Heroic: Less Is More] uh, yay? What to […]