Well, I did it.

by tartdarling

In case you didn’t realize from the lack of posts here, I’ve not really been playing WoW much lately. My account was up today, and I didn’t renew it. I’ve spent almost 5 years playing this game, but I think I’m done. I don’t know if it’s forever or a semi-permanant deal. I don’t agree with the way that Blizzard is handling things at the moment, and if the rumors on MMO are true, then I definitely don’t like the plans for the next expansion. I’ll still be around for sure, and I may still log in now and again (and Dueg, if we get the raiding thing set up just let me know. I’ll pay my account for that!) but for the moment logging in to my priest and doing the cooking dailies and the fishing dailies doesn’t justify the money.

So who knows? Maybe I’ll play again in a month or 2 (or even a few weeks) but for right now I need a break and having the account active will only make the boredom with the game that much more noticeable. But until then, I will still be around on twitter.

For the Horde!

/salute /thank

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