Now with 100% more bubbles!

by tart

And about 50% less fail!

A very, very, very, fantabulous, wonderific thing happened. I got my priestie’s gear back!!! Yes, Tartshapdbox of Darkspear-US is no longer sitting, unloved, in her (ghetto) PvP gear and fishing pole in Orgrimmar. Instead, she’s out and about in Northrend dungeons, playing Whack-A-Mole with the best of them.

And ohman did I miss it. I missed my bubbles (especially the soap bubbles!), and my PEW PEW LAZR HAELS. (or photon torpedo haels, whichever you prefer.) I never thought I would be so excited to see my crappy, weird, lobster-looking, off-hand of Naxx suck or my Cloak of the Skull. I seriously thought I could cry getting to run around Undercity again (without being attacked by those pesty guards, or the horde who don’t realize I’m a Crack Elf hiding in Space Goat clothing) with all it’s wonderful green slime.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do love my paladin. Smashing things in the face with a big axe is terribly fun, and being the guild’s most loved floor tank (c’mon, tart vs Cirsi or Hunt? I’m soooo getting the heals.) and I’ve kind of fallen in love with my baby!shaman (who at 47 is not so baby!shaman anymore) but they just aren’t the same. There is just something about my priest. I know her so well, I almost don’t even have to think about playing her. I get into a rhythm, and it just feels…right. I don’t know that it is that clicks so much with me. I mean, level wise, my warlock was my main in Vanilla (Shock! I do have a warlock! She’s 72 currently) but play time? Totally my beloved twink priest. My hunter was my first 70 in TBC and I dabbled with gearing her, though heroics were about as far as she got before the Great Pet Incident, and  after that I decided fuck it, I love the twink so I’m going to level her. And she became my main officially. She saw every raid in TBC except Sunwell. The rest of my toons sat lonely and unloved because I didn’t even really want to play anything other than my priest. She is what inspired me to start this blog, and she’s the only character I every lol-theorycraft. She’s my achievement whore, and she even does the holiday events! And she’s one of the few characters that I think I could successfully RP, I can actually get into her head and I know her personality. Though she would need a proper name that I’ve not yet thought of. I thought about faction changing her to put her in <BoO> but I can see her rolling her good eye at the thought of being a Space Goat. She would probably Shadow Word:Death herself with no bubble before she let that happen. So now for the joy of finding a home for her. I’ve applied to a couple guilds on Darkspear (though have no fear Amber, just as a casual member so I won’t be juggling 2 raiding schedules!) and hopefully one of them will be the right fit.

Other than falling in love with my Zombie Priest all over again, I spent my weekend caring for the sick Puppy Butt (which I’ve plot pointed for everyone!) and using my lack of sleep to level my baby shaman to 47 and play around with Pokemon SoulSilver. (I CHOOSE YOU TOTODILE! <3)I leave you with my cheesy graph.

Is that a crappy egg I see?!



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