Friday Fail Shots – Round 2!

by tart

HAIIIIII! Welcome back to Friday Fail Shots! In this week’s FFS we have: Tartdarling, the Pally! Surprise, surprise I know. But hey, the raiding toon gets the most deaths right? Ok, maybe not so much with me, but to be honest I’ve not had much alt-ing time, so it’s kind of been all paladin all the time. *Author’s Note: Ok, so we one shot the first wing of ICC this week, so the ICC deaths are from last week. Amazingly I didn’t die once. SERIOUSLY. Ask anyone in the raid!*

First up! Go go cleaving trash death!

yay corpse explosion!

Oh, Gunship you are my mortal enemy with all your shiny and your rockets.

I'm a pro floor tank.

At least I wasn’t the only one!

Hi. We're , We wipe to the U.S.S. Lagship!

This is why they shouldn’t let me drive anything in any game.

Flame Leviathan: 1 Tart: 0

Poor Myss was my passenger.

This time, I didn't just kill myself!

So this picture isn’t a death, but it was just too bad ass to not feature. Ori and I are some damn sexy pallies in a motorcycle don’t you think? Also, we totally lived because I was just a passenger.

BEEP BEEP Muthafuckers.

Lastly, for Bricu of WTT:RP

Do I get extra points for ear worming the interwebs?

Until next week folks, Tartdarling, Navigator of the Fail!Boat out!

<3 Tart

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