The Impass

by tart

Hello again lovelies. You may have noticed that there is a lack of PW:Bubbling going on around here lately, and a considerable more amount of Fail!Ret-ing. No, I have not abandoned my priest, in fact I want to play her now more than ever. But sadly, she is still gearless. Well, gearless PvE wise. She’s still sitting at about 500 or 600 resilience, but that doesn’t help me heal heroics or raids. Or really even heal battlegrounds, which I also miss terribly.

So, for all intents and purposes she’s stuck. She’s also effectively guildless. I could transfer her to but I can’t see her as anything other than Undead. It’s what she’s always been and I can’t imagine her being anything else. Plus, personally, I’m Horde at heart, so it seems a betrayal to not have an 80 horde and to be spending so much time on the alliance side of things. I miss healing Cows and Zombies and Orcs and Trolls (and even those prissy male BEs). I just know it would be hard to find a guild that would let me pop on from time to time and maybe occasionally poke around in ICC with them when my priest is still behind in gear. Though by the time I ever get her stuff back, she will be owed probably close to a hundred Frost Emblems and a few hundred Triumph Emblems from her “care package” as it’s been well over a month since my account was hacked.

All I ask, is that you please forgive the lack of Pew Pew Lazr Haels readers until I am able to play my wonderful, amazing priest again, and accept my tales of riding Navigating the Fail Boat as Ret, playing the Baby Smashface!Shaman (who sometimes haels!), RP adventures when I can get them, attempting to warlock yet again, and playing the many, many, many alts that have not seen much love because of my devotion to my priest.

Also, does anyone want to adopt a sad, forsaken priest? She comes with decent gear (if I ever get it back) maxed professions (tailoring/enchanting plus all the secondary ones) and an owner who will giggle and make tentacle pr0n jokes on vent. Pst for more info! By the by, I’m currently on Darkspear – US if anyone is there other than Duegles who abandoned me! :P (I still love you dueg.)

<3 Tart

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