Friday Fail Shots

by tart

Hello again Lovelies! I’m back with a new Friday special! Friday Fail Shots (or, FFS ) featuring yours truly, doing what she does best, tanking the floor. Especially when I am on my pally. When she’s not wiping raids, she watching them from the vantage point of the floor.

Because THIS:

in paladin pink no less

Leads to this:

yumm. floor.

And occasionally my Add-ons decide to get in on the snark:

because yes, knowing my spells are ready is really fucking helpful NOW

One more of the dead pally featuring everyone’s Favorite BM Hunter and her Moonfire!Kitty

great. even the hunter pets out live me.

Gotta love my unit frames informing me that I’m dead over there in the corner right? Smart assed add-ons.

And one of the dead space goat priest:

because sometimes, you just can't heal stupid.

Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s Friday Fail Shots! Next week – FFS – Why Tart Is the Most Fail!DK Ever.

<3 Tart

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