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Late Night Musings

Hai again internets, I have decided that I have WoW A.D.D. Either that or I have the most severe case of Altitis that I’ve seen. I decided since my beloved Priesty is on Darkspear now, that I would reroll a priest on Dunemaul to appease certain individuals (T – I’m looking at you!) so I […]

Tie Breaker

So I am in Dire Need (as opposed to Dire Maul? :P) of help settling a debate between my GM Azalyn and myself. Currently Tart is wearing: Ceaseless Pity Neck 42 Stam 41 Int 43 Crit Rating 66 Spell Power 13 Mana per 5 All around a good solid piece for Disc Priests. However, I […]