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Raiding Recap (or Tart Feels Loved)

Good News Everyone! I’m back! Family issues aside, I should be updating regularly again. So after last week’s amazing Raiding (Full Naxx clear in just over 4 hours and 1 shot Maly) everyone headed into this weeks schedule full of energy. As I was contemplating how to heal Naxx while making homemade enchiladas for dinner, […]

Since the first phase of KT is dull

Ahh Raid Chat. How I love thee. In the downtime during phase one of Kel, here were some of our funnier raid shenanigans: After one of our players randomly AFK’d after a wipe to use the restroom Someone cheering us on and the macro’d images people had after that: Because no raid is complete without […]

Mini-Raid Guide, part the first!

So, I was trying to tell one of my friends a funny that happened in raid last night on four horseman, and realized that other than the phrase “and then Rippa yelled ‘I want Tart in the back’” being a ‘that’s what she said’ in general she wouldn’t have any idea of what the heck […]