Mini-Raid Guide, part the first!

by tartdarling

So, I was trying to tell one of my friends a funny that happened in raid last night on four horseman, and realized that other than the phrase “and then Rippa yelled ‘I want Tart in the back'” being a ‘that’s what she said’ in general she wouldn’t have any idea of what the heck I was talking about as she hasn’t stepped into Naxx yet. So, my limited work resources MSPaint was used to create something I like to call The Mini Raid Guide. And I thought I would share.

Horseman Mini Raid Guide

Horseman Mini Raid Guide

P.S. The funny story? Rippa was Tank4, I was assigned to Tank2 with Daynum. Rippa yells in vent “Sorry Day, I want Tart with me in the back” the proceeds to /flirt and /dance with me until our GM was like “okfine. Tart go keep Rippa from dying like usual. And sorry Day, looks like you’ve gotta share your wife.”

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