Raiding Recap (or Tart Feels Loved)

by tartdarling

Good News Everyone! I’m back! Family issues aside, I should be updating regularly again.

So after last week’s amazing Raiding (Full Naxx clear in just over 4 hours and 1 shot Maly) everyone headed into this weeks schedule full of energy. As I was contemplating how to heal Naxx while making homemade enchiladas for dinner, I logged on to vent to hear our GM telling one of our newer TreeDruids that the raid was full on healers, but if he wanted to listen on vent we would yell for him if someone dropped. SOLUTION! As the Tree is not fantastically geared I told our GM that I would drop since there was a better chance that loots would be an upgrade for him than me, and I was planning on making a labor intensive dinner. I quickly assured him that I would be fooling around on an alt, and would stay logged on to vent so that I was easily accesible. TreeDruid thanked me profusely and everyone was on their way.

First boss they hit up? Good ol’ Instructor Razuvious. And apparently FailPriest1 was having an EPIC FailPriest Night. 4 wipes later, My Shadow Priest Recruit, Malpractice, swoops in, MCs them to victory, then resumes the parenting of his children (Thanks for being a good sport and saving yourself for 1 fight! And for making me look good for recruiting you! Promotion earned for you good sir.) They made it through Gothik ok, then came the favorite 4 Horsemen. 3 wipes later my screen was flooded with “TART. i HATE you. you left us. Stop cooking and get in here NAO” love notes. Finally down goes the Military Quarter, and on to Construct. And that’s when Patch wiped the raid. This was HEARTBREAKING to most, as it marks our first ever Patchwerk wipe that wasn’t because the melee dps forgot to click off their fort buff. That’s when I hear “Hey Az, why don’t we bring Tart in for this fight. Her bubbles help.” Az, ever persistant and kind hearted doesn’t want to boot FailPriest1 so he gives it another go. And they down him. And manage to make it through the Construct Quarter in decent shape, despite pushing the enrage timer on Thaddius. They decide to take 5 and hubby comes downstairs to vent his frustration at FailPriest1 and the other non-paying attention people, as well as attempt to ninja food. They make it through Plague wing ok, and then I hear “Tart!!! People are bailing and we want to finish this. Get in here so we can chain pull everything and finish” 20 minutes later Spider Wing was done, and I was a hero (though not a hero rewarded with loot but still a hero.)

Let’s hope tonight’s Saph/KT/Maly kill happens quick. We are attempting Sarth 3D after! :)

Random Raid Quote of the Night: (over vent)

RandomPerson: Wow, she keeps going down easier and easier (Re: Grand Widow and the achievement kill method)
Day: That’s what he said?
Az: Day! You shouldn’t talk about Tart that way.
Me: *Dies laughing*
Rest of Guild: damn tart. you just got burned.


PS… New Mini Raid Guide incoming soon! This week I tackle Anub Rekahn and his Insect Swarm of OHSHIT i died.

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