And meme GO!

by tartdarling

So, the lovely Anea has brought to my attention, my extreme lack of posting lately. I’m sorry dear readers, I really do love you, I was just crit by the RL Monster and my WoW time became limited in addition to my blogging time becoming nonexistant. Things, however, have seemed to calm down, so I HAVE RETURNED! Feel free to run for cover I won’t be offended I promise.

I figured that since I’ve not been around much lately, I would participate in Syrana’s Meme and see what question her brilliant mind could think up for me. I mean shoot, I’ve got post ideas, but hey I’ll take a free one! The question that I was given? “So you started Project Spacegoat on Feathermoon, which is an RP server. Can you give us some insight into your new(est?) character?” Thank you Syrana, this is one of the things I wanted to talk about! Since I was lured by Arrens, by the sweet, sweet promises of teh RPz (and the fact that my nubishness would not be made fun of in said RPz) I stared at my character creation screen and thought. Yes folks, this spacegoat was not rolled per my usual spasm of random button mashings, but actually thought about and facial features considered (and oh my the hairstyle decisions). She was born onto the server, and ran over to was warlock summoned to Stormwind for Stormwind University’s Open House. I was all prepared, and then *poof* nothing came. Yes, I was distracted by an attention whore of a puppy, but that wasn’t it. It just didn’t click. There was no feeling the character, nothing. Just an overwhelming feeling of “OH GOD WHAT DO I DO NOW?!” So occasionally after that the priest would make an appearance at the Pig & Whistle, but mostly to observe and for my own amusement.

This left me a little meh. I mean, had I just wanted to level a character I could have done so easily on any server, but I wanted teh RPz, so what was I to do? Well I sat and thought and figured out that the priest’s personality was just a little too awkward for me. She was shy, bookish, somewhat nervous and excitable. Everything that I imagine a priestie healer would be, but not very… exciting. And thus Fionnualah (Fi-oh-new-lah for those who do like I do some times and o.O at gaelic spellings/pronounciations!) Wobblespring was born! Yes, dear readers, you read that name right. The hordie in me wants to bury her head in shame, but good lord is she fun to RP. She is loud, inappropriate, curious as hell, ready to fight anyone (the first time she met arrens’s priest Theo she threatened to beat him with her mace for Lorelitymara) and I’ve just had so much easier of a time with her. For those of you who are RPers, here’s my character sheet (and feel free to poke around the forums, I’m sure Arrens won’t mind!)

Thank you Syrana for the fun, fun topic. I hope you (and everyone else)  liked meeting my gnome :)

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