Go Go Downtime

by tartdarling

So yesterdays extended, extended, extended, extended maintainence killed any hopes of playing that I had last night. Which really sucked as it was raid night, and we were hoping to power through as much of Ulduar as we could so that we could get a few more attempts at yoggy this week.  (side note: where has @yoggsaron been lately? I’ve missed his plushie MADNESS AND INSANITY on twitter lately)

So instead I did all those things that get pushed aside on raid nights: made a dinner that took longer than 15 minutes, watched a little TV, read, worked on some posts for my personal blog that is just getting started, and caught up on my reader among other things. My server(s) finally came up about 9-9:30ish PST, which meant that I had time to log in, do a daily or 2 and head to bed. >.<

At least the realms should be good to go tonight so Dueg can take SS’s of me tasting the floor and I can heal our butts off  in Ulduar.

and if you aren’t in the fun yet:

it may be cheesy, but c’mon it’s mountain dew! :D

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