Weekend Recap

by tartdarling

So this weekend I was severly infected with Alt-itis. After deciding that I would need to server transfer my paladin to Darkspear so that she can continue to be the farmbot for my priest (which was why I created her in the first place!) I was told in no uncertain terms that I needed to level up another toon asap so that I could continue the fun and random “AMG I NEED HALP!” runs for some friends on Dunemaul. (OH HAI T/Mal/Kelig!) So I looked at my roster:

34 Mage? Naaah, Mr. Tart has one of those that’s already 75 so that would kind of be redundant.

22 Warrior? Naaah, We have both an 80 prot warrior and a 75 arms warrior in our group of friends.

2 Druid? Though it has an AMAAAZING name (tartformer!! c’mon it’s funneh!) nahh, Mr. Tart already has a decked out feral druid in it’s 70s.

62 DK? Naaah, We already have a DK in our group make up as well.

1 priest? ANOTHER one?! she shall be my random pet project if people start demanding bubbles.

72 Warlock? Hm. Would be a strong contender if she wasn’t on a different server due to stupidity. and my love/hate relationship with her.

8 Shaman? WINNAR! Mr Tart doesn’t usually like taking his uber geared out resto shaman to be healbitch for our alt runs. which leaves us usually scrambling for a healer (unless we can sucker Kelig into have Kel volunteer to run on his disc priest) plus, wolves look really really fun. and TOTEMS!  (and it fits my master plan to eventually have all healing classes at 80 with a healing offspec if not their main. yes I’m that crazy)

So in other words, the Shaman is now just shy of 20, and leveling with Mr Tart’s bebeh rogue. I made her inscriptions and am using one of our Alt guilds to front my glyph business on her. (since at 40 she’ll have to dual spec resto so that I can play healbot when needed)

And apparently since I have an obsession with organizing guildbanks and keeping them cleaned out of random stuff. YES LIKE LEVEL 15 WATER TANYA! I have been nominated to play the AH game for no less than 3 friends’s personal gbanks. for a percentage of the fees of course. :D

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