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Members Wanted!

< Council of Shadows > seeks new members! Do you: Spam Raid Chat about your wanting Blessing of Wisdom instead of that “silly” Blessing of Kings (if healing)? Spam Raid Chat begging for Focus Magic (if caster DPS)? Spam Raid Chat demanding Fish Feasts because you were “too lazy to farm food buffs”? Ask [almost] […]

Since the first phase of KT is dull

Ahh Raid Chat. How I love thee. In the downtime during phase one of Kel, here were some of our funnier raid shenanigans: After one of our players randomly AFK’d after a wipe to use the restroom Someone cheering us on and the macro’d images people had after that: Because no raid is complete without […]

Mini-Raid Guide, part the first!

So, I was trying to tell one of my friends a funny that happened in raid last night on four horseman, and realized that other than the phrase “and then Rippa yelled ‘I want Tart in the back’” being a ‘that’s what she said’ in general she wouldn’t have any idea of what the heck […]