And new site go!

by tart


Welcome to the new PW:Bubble! Things are still semi under construction right now, so please forgive the lack of a blogroll, and any general messiness on the site.  I decided to switch over to my own domain, not only because I wanted a place I could really customize for tart, darling, but also to have a little more flexibility with themes and such.  But anywho.  On to the updates!

Tart the Priest – Unfortunaetly she’s still sitting looking all kinds of forlorn, waiting for her gear to be lovingly shoved in her mailbox.  Until then, her and her fishing pole and PvP gear will be calmly waiting outside of the Orgrimmar bank.  Then, let the healer PuG tales begin anew!

Tart the Paladin – Has server transferred over to Azgalor with Amber, Ky, Cel and Co.  in <Bloggers Brotherhood of Oblivion> and as she has been working on farming as many badges as humanly possible so she can lolret in ICC. Luckily, her gear was restored rather quickly so there were no Naked!Tart heroics.

Tart the SpaceGoat Priest – Is currently sitting at 34 (?) over on Feathermoon thanks to the Random Lowbie LFG. Though I’ve not gotten much time on her lately due to IRL and badge farming. I do have a plot bunny bouncing around my head for her that I’m midway through. Though, would anyone be interested in reading teh RPz? Or would you all prefer me to toss that on the main site and keep PW:Bubble RP free?

Saraiel the Warlock – ! I know. I have a warlock. 2 of them actually.  I KNOW!?! What kind of healer am I that I am playing a warlock of all things? The elder Saraiel is still 73 and waiting for her server transfer. Baby!Saraiel is all of level 17 and surprisingly I’m having fun with her, even if I usually have a love/hate relationship with warlocks. Maybe it’s the promise of an interesting RP story explaining her and the big warlock? (DAMN YOU ARRENS AND YOUR ‘YOU KNOW YOU WANNA RP.’ :P)

Well, I think that’s all the updates I’ve got for now! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Let me know what you think of the site!

<3 Tart

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