omg Tart's not dead!

by tartdarling

Hallo all!

I’m so terribly sorry for the lack of updates lately. The real life monster struck, so twitter and the blog kind of got the short end of the stick. You’d think not working and being home all day would mean more blog/twitter/email/fun time, but in reality it’s been more job hunting, cleaning, training the puppy time.  But it’s looking like things are starting to settle down here, so I should be back to updating on a semi-regular schedule!

Let’s see, what’s been happening WoW wise. Tart has been fairly dormant lately, Holy Dueg got the new guild started after the old one went boom, but as usual, new guild take time to build up, and get everything going, so I have taken advantage of the time to level my pally. (Not that Mr Tart’s declaration that his druid would beat me to 80 and be geared up long before I ever would had anything to do with it. I won btw. Beat him to 80 by 20 minutes!) So now I present to you, my 2nd 80, retadin Tartdarling!

Man...she made me pop wings in this cold ass place just for a picture?!

Man...she made me pop wings in this cold ass place just for a picture?!

and yes internets, you read that right. Retadin. Why after 79 levels of being a tankadin, am I no longer bashing things in the face with my shield and leading my group? Because I discovered that while I probably could be a good tank with practice, (and Amber’s Flowchart) I really have to group to practice with, and I don’t feel like getting flamed on the forums for being ‘teh nub-ist failtank’ on the server. Plus the swirly gold shit of death, err, Divine Storm, is really really fun and I’ve never had a DPS toon. But never fear her offspec is Holy so I can still bubble away, even if they are a different kind of bubble.

And one last note for those who don’t follow me on twitter: If you are ever in BG’s, and particularly if you are carrying the flag in WSG, please, for the love of all that is holy disc, protect and stay near your healer. This PSA has been brought to you by my frustration and for the saving of your life in BGs from healers who may or may not wish to MC you directly into a mob of well geared PvPers from the opposite faction.

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